What are the benefits of online reviews? (Good and Bad)

As a business owner you surely asked yourself these questions:

How is my company performing?

What do my clients think about my services?

Are people satisfied with what they’re receiving?

If you did, then deep down, you understand the importance of reviews, even if they appear to be a pain to manage.

Every business is familiar with the challenges that come with getting reviews. It might be difficult to deal with a bad one or you simply don’t have enough so that people can trust your services.

Ninety-three percent of local customers check online reviews to see if a business is either good or bad. Seventy-two percent of clients wait until they read reviews before taking action. Reviews obviously mean a lot.

Don't allow a few negative experiences deter you; there are plenty of other satisfied customers eager to submit fantastic reviews.

Now let’s talk about them for a while. What are the advantages of getting online reviews?

Social Proof

Before making a purchase, the average consumer reads ten internet reviews. People trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations. That's because we're all looking for social proof. This is when customer reviews come in handy.

Consumers check out reviews so that they can confirm their purchasing selections. Reviews are basically customer recommendations after all. It also helps consumers develop confidence in your brand and offers your company legitimacy from genuine customers.

Getting Ranked Higher in Searches

A business's ranking on search engines like Google is aided by a large number of positive reviews and ratings. A website's ranking in the Google 3 Pack and organic local search results might be tremendously influenced by online reviews. Online reviews, according to experts, account for approximately 13% of how Google and other search engines rank local search results.

Reviews are a simple and cost-effective approach to enhance your SEO and increase your online presence, which will attract more consumers and raise brand recognition. So, if you want your business to rank higher on Google, start asking for reviews from your consumers.

Increased Click-Through Rates

Every business aims to increase the number of visitors who click on their link and visit their website. However, this does not always happen when a brand has a lot of negative reviews.

Going from a 3-star rating to a 5-star rating, for example, increases the number of hits a company receives from Google Local Pack by 25%.

You can make your brand more desirable to searchers by having more online reviews, and you can actually improve digital traffic to your website and click-through rates. To put it another way, fewer and negative reviews tend to limit clicks, whilst an abundance of exceptional reviews tends to raise them.


Of course, you think your brand is the best one out there. Customers who openly say good things about your services without any hidden agenda develops confidence for new prospects. Consumers are seventy-six percent more inclined to trust material posted by their peers than content published by companies.

After reading 10 reviews, nearly 9 out of 10 customers decide whether or not they can trust a company. Consumers trust other customers' experiences, and if they like what they see and read, they will trust your brand.

Returning Customers

It's completely false that once a consumer leaves, they'll never return. Of course, this is true on occasion, but if people take the time to write a review for your company, they are likely to want to interact with you again. Makes sense, right?

Even if it’s not a stellar review. Imagine you get 4 stars out of 5. Or even 3 out of 5. And the customer expresses the problems he had with your services.

If you manage the problem correctly, the consumer may even change their mind and write a positive review in place of the bad one. Thus, your client will be satisfied, and your reputation is still intact. It's a win-win situation.


Yes, reviews can be scary but don’t think about it that way. Even negative reviews have benefits, just as we said earlier. It’s all about how you perceive each review and what you do in order to flip it around so that it will become useful to you and your business.

Encourage your clients to leave reviews and reap the fruit of your labor.

If you are ready to increase your online business reviews, make sure you give the business review experts at chit-chat.biz a call today.

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